• The ./wp-sitemap.xml shows text by WordPress Your ./wp-sitemap.xml should show some URLs and text about the XML Sitemap is generated by WordPress. But It doesn’t and how can you fix the setup? Do you use a Child-Theme and your XML Sitemap isn’t reachable? The URL for the new Sitemap is [your-site’s-url]/wp-sitemap.xml. After empty the browser more

  • New customizer feature with WordPress 4.7 and upward Adding CSS without editing any theme CSS files To change, add or tryout your custom CSS is a often called question in many support threads. The answers are at most only the CSS snippet you may add to solve your problem but not how to add because more

  • Why is my WordPess widget not properly prepared for the new localization? What is the slug of my WordPress plugin? What is the slug of my WordPress plugin? You don’t need any more fils in the language directory. All you need is to register and use In some cases you get this hint: “This more

  • AJAX don’t work with ASP.NET ViewState How to add or remove DropDownList-ListItems with Javascript and the ViewState already works? Sometimes its an big advantage to use the ASP.NET ViewState for controlls like DropDownLists. One of this is you can use comfortable return values from this controls in the background code. Thats occures if you had more

  • XAMPP FTP configuration for localhost and Mac OS X FTP Connection Information For update Wordpress with a localhost installation, you must configure and get access with your FTP-client. We use XAMPP as FTP-Client. If it installed we have to “Start” the FTP-Client. Now we are ready to download and update Wordpress PlugIns. With a XAMPP more

  • Google Chart Tools is a nice library for data visualisation as charts. It is free and provides many chart types which can adapted easily, but not neigher less suitable. The chart libray exepts an Javascript array. This example gets the data from a mySQL database, which carry the data from server to the client with more

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